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Knee Problems on the Job? Klein Tools have a solution!

Klein Tools Kneepads


Knee Problems on the Job? Klein Tools have a solution!



Tradespeople often spend long hours working on their knees, which can lead to chronic knee problems such as "housemaid's knee." This condition can cause difficulty in bending the knee, kneeling, or even walking, which can greatly affect a tradesperson's ability to do their job and earn a living.


Fortunately, Klein Tools has a solution to this problem: the Klein Tools Knee Pads. These knee pads are designed specifically for tradespeople, with features that help alleviate the strain on the knees and prevent knee injuries.


There are three different designs that Klein Tools have come up with: 


60491 - Heavy Duty Hinged Knee Pads 

The Heavy Duty Hinged Knee pads are the toughest, most durable knee pads in the Klein Tools’ range. 

One of the standout features of the Klein Tools Knee Pads is their comfortable, contoured design. The pads are made with a soft, foam material that conforms to the shape of the knees, providing a comfortable fit that won't slip or slide around. This ensures that the pads stay securely in place and offer maximum protection for the knees.


In addition to their comfortable design, the Klein Tools Knee Pads are also extremely durable. The pads are made with a tough, water-resistant outer shell that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use on the job site. The shell is also puncture-resistant, helping to protect against sharp objects that may be encountered while working.


But the benefits of the Klein Tools Knee Pads don't stop there. The pads also feature an adjustable strap that allows for a customizable fit, ensuring that they can be worn comfortably by a wide range of users. The strap is also padded, further enhancing the comfort of the pads.


More information on the website: 



60511 and 60611 Heavy Duty Knee Pad Sleeves, M/L or L/XL

The Heavy Duty Knee Pad Sleeves provide triple layer protection and all day comfort. 

Their unique, compact design keeps the knee pads close to the body and centred for a second-skin fit, allowing agility for working in tight spaces. 

Trade professionals can stay cool and comfortable with the lightweight, breathable mesh back. 

More benefits below: 


·       These can be worn under or over pants for all day wear

·       Triple layer protection with interior neoprene foam padding for all-day comfort

·       Ergonomically engineered flexible padding with anti-abrasion layer contours to leg shape for ultimate comfort

·       Elastic cuff with slip-resistant silicone helps knee pads stay in place

·       Sold in pairs and offered in two sizes for any jobsite or weekend task that puts pressure on the knees






60492 and 60592 Lightweight Knee Pad Sleeves, M/L or L/XL 


If you are looking for a better value option and all day comfort, the Lightweight Knee Pad Sleeves are probably the best solution for you.  


Their unique, compact design keeps the knee pads close to the body and centred for a second-skin fit, allowing agility for working in tight spaces. They feature a flexible EVA knee pad contours to leg shape for seamless comfort. 

Like the previous model, they can be worn under or over pants and feature a lightweight, breathable mesh back. 


These are perfect for the jobsite and weekend tasks.







Overall, the Klein Tools Knee Pads are essential for any tradesperson who spends a significant amount of time working on their knees. Whether you're an electrician, carpenter, plumber, or any other type of tradesperson, these knee pads can help protect your knees from strain and injury, allowing you to focus on the job at hand. So, if you're tired of dealing with painful knees on the job, consider giving the Klein Tools Knee Pads a try.


For more information about these Knee Pads contact marketing@super-rod.co.uk or call us on Tel: +44(0)1495 792000. 


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