Maximize Efficiency with Klein Tools - High-Quality Professional Toolkit at an Unbeatable Price

Maximise Efficiency with Klein Tools - High-Quality Professional Toolkit at an Unbeatable Price

Whether you’re an electrical apprentice embarking on a new career or a seasoned electrician looking to upgrade your toolkit, the KTPK21 - Klein Tools Professional Tool Kit - is a bundle of products that will exceed your expectations. This comprehensive 7 piece kit combines high-quality tools with essential insulated equipment, ensuring both efficiency and safety in your electrical projects. 


So, let’s delve into the features and benefits of each item, making it clear why this kit is the perfect gift for any electrical professional.


The foundation of the KTPK21 bundle is the 55421BP-14 Tradesman Pro™ Tool Bag Backpack. This rugged backpack offers durability, ample storage, and easy accessibility. With multiple pockets and compartments, organising your tools has never been easier. The comfortable shoulder straps and padded back provide enhanced comfort during long workdays, making it a practical and stylish choice.


Also included in the kit, the 5 Piece VDE Insulated Screwdriver Set (product code: 32268INS) is a vital addition to any electrician's arsenal. These precision-crafted screwdrivers feature insulated handles, ensuring protection against electrical shock. The set includes the most popular sizes and types, allowing you to tackle a wide range of electrical applications with confidence and ease.


When it comes to versatility and safety, the Insulated Combination Pliers (product code: 12098EINS) shine. These pliers boast a robust design and offer excellent gripping power, making them ideal for various tasks, such as wire cutting, twisting, and bending. With their triple layer insulation, you can work on live circuits confidently, minimizing the risk of electric shock. 


Efficiency and precision are the hallmarks of the 160mm Insulated Diagonal Cutters (product code: 2206EINS). With their sharp, hardened steel blades and insulated handles, these cutters enable clean, accurate cuts on wires and cables. The ergonomic design ensures comfort, reducing fatigue during extended use.


Measuring accurately is essential in electrical installations, and the 7.5m Double Hook Magnetic Tape Measure (product code: 9365) delivers on this front. This tape measure features a double-sided blade with clear markings, making it easy to read measurements from any angle. The built-in magnetic hook secures the tape measure in place, allowing for precise measurements without needing an extra pair of hands.


For perfectly levelled installations, the Rare Earth Magnet Aluminium Torpedo Level (product code: 935R) is an invaluable tool. This compact level features rare earth magnets that provide strong gripping power when attached to metal surfaces. The durable aluminium construction ensures longevity, while the easy-to-read vials guarantee accurate levelling every time.


Completing the KTPK21 bundle is the Super Rod 3.6m Cable Tongue. This flexible cable routing tool (product code: SRCT3.6) assists electricians in pulling cables through hard-to-reach areas, ensuring neat and efficient installations. The innovative design allows for easy manoeuvrability, reducing installation time and effort.


Save with the KTPK21 from Klein Tools 

Whether you're a professional electrician or a dedicated apprentice, the KTPK21 - Klein Tools Professional Tool Kit is a comprehensive tool kit at unbeatable value. 

Priced at £146.95 + VAT, this comprehensive kit offers excellent value for the range of tools and their superior quality. 

For more information click here or alternatively visit your local CEF branch. 


Treat yourself or surprise someone special with this remarkable gift that will last for years to come. 


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