Stay Cool with this Compact and Rechargeable Jobsite Fan from Klein Tools

Klein Tools' new Rechargeable Personal Jobsite Fan (Cat. No. PJSFM1) is the perfect solution for staying cool and comfortable during hot summer days on the jobsite. A light and portable airflow solution for trade professionals looking for convenience with top features including a 360-degree rotation and a rechargeable battery. 



No matter how hot it gets, Klein’s fan produces a powerful airflow and can be easily moved around the jobsite to fit your needs. 


Featuring a versatile arm base that rotates and a cage that spins 360 degrees, it allows you to aim the airflow in any direction. The base forms a strong clamp for attaching to studs, conduit, and nails, or you can use the two powerful magnets integrated into the base. The fan also has a hang hole for nails or screws or can stand on the base. 


The Rechargeable Personal Jobsite Fan has two fan modes: low for 9 hours, and high for 5 hours. The LED battery gauge indicates the charge level, and the battery is rechargeable, making it perfect for travelling to different job sites. The USB C charging cable is included with the fan.


At 10-1/2” tall, this fan is the ideal size to carry every day. Although relatively compact the housing is made from a high impact polypropylene and can handle drops. It even has some protection against water and dust with an IP54 rating. 


Laura Ranieri, senior product manager at Klein Tools, says, “Klein Tools' Rechargeable Personal Jobsite Fan is built to combat hot and stuffy conditions without blowing around dust and debris on a jobsite floor like traditional fans.”


A good affordable solution for trade professionals to take on site for 5 hours on high settings/9 hours on low settings with the convenience not to have to find an outlet to plug into while on the job. 


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