Scout™ Pro 3 Tester with Locator Remote Kit

Cat. No.: 
Product Features
Cable tester for voice (RJ11/12), data (RJ45) and video (F-connector) coax connections
Self-storing Test + Map™ Remote (No. 1) tests, maps and IDs a cable run in a single step
Power over Ethernet Tester that displays PoE wire and voltage
Trace cables, wire pairs and individual conductor wires with a tone generator
Measures cable length up to 2000' (610 m)
Identify multiple cable runs with location-mapping remotes. Identify 18 RJ45 and 18 F-connector drop locations with large easy-to-read numbers.
Identify 18 RJ45 and 18 F-connector drop locations with large easy-to-read numbers
Detect, identify and test Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Backlit LCD screen displays cable length, wiremap, cable ID and test results
Hub blink mode to identify port location on a hub or a switch
Includes 1 Self-storing Test + Map Remote (31), 18 RJ45 LAN locator remotes, 18 F-coax locator remotes, 2 female-to-female coax adapters and a 9V battery
Includes a 9 V battery and convenient carrying case
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Twisted Pair, DATA, Voice, LAN and Coaxial
Cable Testing
Special Features:
Measures Cable Length; Power over Ethernet; Backlit LCD; Hub Blink
Cable Type:
DATA: Shielded or Unshielded, CAT3, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, COAXIAL: RG59, RG6/6Q
Overall Length:
7'' (17.8 cm)
Overall Height:
3.2'' (8 cm)
Overall Width:
1.5'' (3.8 cm)
Plastic and Metal
Test-n-Map ID Remotes:
(1) Self-Storing
Location ID:
(18) RJ45 Data and (18) F-Coax Locator Remotes
9V Alkaline
Battery Life:
50 Active Hours
Drop Protection:
2 m
Supported Remotes:
Connection & Adapter Types:
RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, Coax F
Backlit LCD
Multiple Style Tone Generator:
Yes (5); Requires Tracing Probe (Cat. No. VDV500-123); Sold Separately
Faults detected:
Open, Short, Mis-wire
Testing & Measurement Types:
Ethernet, Data, Coaxial
Tester, Self-storing Test + Map™ Remote (No. 1), 18 - RJ45 LAN Locator Remotes, 18 - F Coax Locator Remotes, 2 - Coaxial Barrel Adapters (female-to-female), 2 - RJ45 Jumper Cables (6''), 2 - RJ11 Jumper Cables, 2 - RJ12 Jumper Cables, Carrying Case, 1 x 9V Battery
1.2 lb (0.5 kg)

Read, understand and follow all instructions, cautions and warnings attached to and/or packed with all test and measurement devices before each use.
Always wear approved eye protection.
Do NOT use on live circuits.