Ratcheting Cable Crimper / Stripper / Cutter for Pass-Thru™

Cat. No.: 
Product Features
Modular crimp-connector installation tool for voice and data applications with Pass-Thru RJ45 connector plug
Wire stripper, crimper and cutter all-in-one tool for paired-conductor data cables
Trims flush to the end face of the connector to eliminate unintended contact between conductors
Crimps and trims Klein Tools RJ45 Pass-Thru™ Connectors
Crimps 4, 6 and 8 position modular connectors (RJ11/RJ12 standard and RJ45 Klein Tools Pass-Thru™)
Full-cycle ratchet mechanism ensures complete connector termination
On-tool wiring guide helps minimise wiring errors
Cable parameters: 28-22 AWG flat or round; solid or stranded telephone and data
Rubber grip for added comfort
Ratcheting locking mechanism
Use with Klein Tools Pass-Thru™ Connectors
Not for use with standard (non Pass-Thru™) connectors
Replacement blade set available (VDV999-076)
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Cable Connection
Steel with Black Oxide
Handle Colour:
Cuts and Strips:
Paired Conductor Data Cables
Cable type:
CAT3, CAT5e, CAT6/6A
Connector type:
RJ45 Klein Tools Pass-Thru™ and RJ11, RJ12 Standard
4-position, 1-pair/2-conductor, 4-position, 2-pair/4-conductor 6-position, 2-pair/4-conductor, 6-position, 3-pair/6-conductor, 8-position, 4-pair/8-conductor
Overall Length:
6.094'' (15.5 cm)
14.4 oz (408 g)
Always wear approved eye protection.
NOT insulated. Will NOT protect against electric shock.
Never use on or near live electrical circuits.
Read carefully and understand instructions before using this tool.
DO NOT use the tool to pull the outer jacket off the cable. Doing so may damage the conductors and the tool.