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New Klein Tools Thermal Imagers

Find hot spots in seconds with the brand-new Klein Tools thermal imaging camera. This portable camera connects directly to your smartphone and allows you to detect temperatures of between -20ºC to 400ºC giving you the ability to detect and prevent electrical problems before it’s too late. 

Unexpected breakdowns caused by faulty electrical components and connections could lead to costly repairs due to production loss or electrical fire damage. Electrical connections and components typically show signs of overheating before they fail, and thermal imaging technology can provide key information that the eyes alone cannot detect. 

 Take photos and videos with the Klein Tools Thermal Imager App

Using the Klein Tools app (available for free on both Google Play™ and the Apple App Store), combined with the thermal imager allows users to take photos and videos that save directly to your camera roll. This opens up the ability to show customers issues/problems and quote accordingly for repairs.

Quickly detect and locate temperature issues for:

-       Hot spots

-       Loose connections

-       Bad contact

-       Fuse issues

-       Unbalanced loads

-       Stressed earth leakage


“Klein Tool’s new Thermal Imagers are perfect for detecting hot spots in panels and on wiring, helping find sources of energy loss within a home or building, helping detect moisture behind walls and flooring, finding clogs in pipes, and much more,” says Sabrina Kalsi, product manager at Klein Tools. The Klein Tools Thermal Imager App allows you to capture, store and share thermal images and videos easily and on the go using just your phone.”

The new Thermal Imagers feature 10,800 pixels resolution to deliver excellent resolution for troubleshooting hot and cold spots. It is compact and small enough to fit in your pocket, you can attach to your keyring/toolbag to avoid losing it whilst on site


Tom, from Finch Hatton Electrical, comments: “One of the greatest benefits of the Klein Tools version as opposed to others on the market is that it runs directly from my phone so it’s not then yet again another device to charge in the van! Also I love how small it is and the fact that it goes up to 400ºC, as opposed to 150ºC like most out there.” 

Using a thermal imager gives you the opportunity to solve electrical issues as part of planned maintenance before it causes serious and costly damages. 


For more information visit: 

TI222 Thermal Imager for iOS Devices https://www.kleintools.eu/catalog/thermal-imagers/thermal-imager-ios-devices

TI220 Thermal Imager for Android® Devices https://www.kleintools.eu/catalog/thermal-imagers/thermal-imager-android-devices


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